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                                       “Cleaning services for UNFPA Sierra Leone”

UNFPA in Sierra Leone requires the services of a local cleaning company to provide cleaning, a messenger, a gardener and car washing.

This Request for Quotation is open to all legally-constituted companies that can provide the requested services and have a legal capacity to perform in the country, or through an authorized representative.

  1. About UNFPA

UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), is an international development agency that works to deliver a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person’s potential is fulfilled.  


UNFPA is the lead United Nations agency that expands the possibilities for women and young people to lead healthy sexual and reproductive lives. To read more about UNFPA in Sierra Leone, please visit our website:


II. Service Requirements/Terms of Reference (ToR)

The cleaning company is to supply a proposal for cleaning services for the office. 


The company shall ensure that all areas in the office compound are kept clean and tidy and will notify the UNFPA Administration of any problems encountered, such as blockages, leaks, electrical defects, conditions of sanitary bins, etc. Special precautions should be taken when working with electrical equipment especially near wet surfaces.

b) Washrooms will require special attention ensuring hourly cleaning including an adequate supply of soap, toilet paper and hand towels at all times.


The responsibilities of the company shall include but not limited to the following:

To ensure a cleaner from the company (details to be provided by the company) assigned to specific areas and the company shall provide a substitute cleaner to attend any extra work required and/to relieve the other cleaners proceeding on annual, maternity or sick leave.

The company shall provide the contact details of the assigned supervisor so that UNFPA Administration can contact him/her at any time if the need arises.


The company is expected to formally inform UNFPA Administration of any intention to change their staff.

The contractor is to provide a supervisor, who can be one of the cleaning staff, work/time sheets for cleaning personnel, and necessary number of cleaners with uniforms.  Staff are provided to carry out the required cleaning prior to the start of work up to 8:00 a.m.  Staff should be available during working hours to ensure that the place is always and thoroughly clean.  Personnel should be available after working hours in preparation for the thorough cleanliness of the premises in readiness for the next working day, as well as on Saturday for thorough cleaning

The supervisor must have at least an elementary education and experience in a supervisory role (please provide valid school certificate)

Cleaners must have the ability to read and write English, particularly those who are to serve as office   messengers.

Fumigators must have the ability to read, write and experience handling fumigation chemicals

The contractor is to supply a separate financial quote, broken down for cost of personnel for the cleaning services as requested


Six cleaning staff to work from 6.30am to 4.30pm with one-hour break. These six staff should also support as office messengers and car wash staff

One gardener from 6.30am to 4.30pm with 1-hour break. All cleaning staff including the Gardener /vehicle cleaners are expected to be at 12 and 16 Signal Hill to work on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 2: 00p.m for a comprehensive cleaning.


The company and materials required are as follows:

Daily activities to be performed:

  1. The cleaning staff to arrive on duty by 7:00am on Mondays through Fridays will also be expected to serve as messengers at UNFPA and will be expected to serve refreshments during meetings.
  2. Refill the drinking water dispensers in the various offices.
  3. Dust and clean all furniture including desks, chairs, computer tables, telephone tables, bookshelves with or without glass doors, pictures, telephones, computers screens and keyboards, and other items the offices.  All furniture shall be free of dust, dirt, and sticky surfaces and areas.
  4. The company shall use a heavy-duty industrial vacuum, cleaner to ensure adequate cleaning.  When completed the area shall be free of all litter, lint, loose soil and debris.  Any chair, dustbin and easily movable items shall be moved to vacuum underneath and then replaced in the original position
  5. Thoroughly clean toilets, bathrooms, mirrors and shower facilities using suitable non-abrasive cleaners and disinfectants.  All surfaces shall be free of grime, soap, scum, mud and smudges.  Additional reserve water in buckets to be placed in all toilets
  6. Empty all wastepaper baskets, ashtrays and wash them clean with a damp cloth and return items where they are located
  7. Collect and dispose of the rubbish outside of UNFPA premises
  8. Water all plants in and out of offices
  9. Clean the compound including the front and back car park and generator area
  10. Sweep all floor areas, including damp mopping of areas such as tile, doors, staircases and public areas. Floors shall be free of dust, mud, sand, footprints, liquid spills and other debris.  Chairs, dustbins and easily movable items shall be tilted or moved to clean underneath
  11. Any other cleaning duties as assigned

Weekly Activities

  1. Dust top of tall furniture, top of picture frames and areas not covered on a daily basis
  2. Spot clean baseboards and walls
  3. Spot wax and polish floors as needed
  4. Dust window sills and blinds
  5. Clean shutters as requires
  6. Sweep and wash terraces and balconies to remove all accumulated dirt and debris
  7. Clean window glass and wash all smudges and accumulated dirt
  8. Move all furniture and vacuum or polish
  9. Dust and wipe light fixtures
  10. Strip wax coats, spot check sealer coats and completely reapply wax coats
  11. Strip wax coats and seal coats to bare floor surface, clean bare surface and reapply seal coat
  12. Assist with loading and offloading of equipment as and when required
  13. Any other cleaning duties as assigned

Periodic cleaning as and when necessary

  1. Clear areas of fungi
  2. Fumigate
  3. Any other cleaning duties as assigned
  • The contractor is to submit a financial proposal, for the cost of cleaning materials and consumables for the location
  • The equipment needed to perform cleaning services and fumigations to be provided by the contractor and included in the monthly price
  • The materials needed to perform cleaning services and fumigation are to be provided by the contractor and included in the monthly price
  • The following consumables (and others, if any) needed for daily use in the office premises, garden and vehicles are to be provided by the contractor and included in the monthly price.  The quantities shall be sufficient to ensure continuous and uninterrupted availability in the office premises.
  1. Toilet paper
  2. Toilet Soap/hand wash
  3. Air freshener (Sprays and Blocks)
  4. Paper towels
  5. Toilet brushes
  6. Towels
  7. Tissue
  8. Scrubbing brushes
  9. Hand Towels


  1. Questions

Questions or requests for further clarifications should be submitted in writing to the contact person below:


Name of contact person at UNFPA:

Tel Nº:

+232 76 604 276

Email address of contact person:


UNFPA Administration


The deadline for submission of questions is Friday 6th July 2018, at 12:00 PM Freetown Time. Questions will be answered in writing and shared with all parties as soon as possible after this deadline.

  1. Content of quotations

Quotations should be submitted in a single e-mail whenever possible, depending on file size. Quotations must contain:

  1. Technical proposal, in response to the requirements outlined in the service requirements / TORs.
  2. Price quotation, to be submitted strictly in accordance with the price quotation form.

Both parts of the quotation must be signed by the bidding company’s relevant authority and submitted in PDF format.

  1. Instructions for submission

Proposals should be prepared based on the guidelines set forth in Section IV above, along with a properly filled out and signed price quotation form, are to be sent by e-mail to the contact person indicated below no later than Friday, 6th July 2018 at 12:00 PM Freetown Time.


Name of contact person at UNFPA:

Clarissa Thomas

Email address of contact person:


Please note the following guidelines for electronic submissions:

  • The following reference must be included in the email subject line: RFQ Nº UNFPA/SLE/RFQ/18/001 – [Title of the RFQ process as indicated above].  Proposals that do not contain the correct email subject line may be overlooked by the procurement officer and therefore not considered.
  • The total e-mail size may not exceed 20 MB (including e-mail body, encoded attachments and headers). Where the technical details are in large electronic files, it is recommended that these be sent separately before the deadline.
  1. Overview of Evaluation Process

Quotations will be evaluated based on the technical proposal and the total cost of the services (price quote).

The evaluation will be carried out in a two-step process by an ad-hoc evaluation panel. Technical proposals will be evaluated for technical compliance prior to the comparison of price quotes.

  1. Award Criteria

UNFPA shall award a Purchase Order on a fixed-cost basis to the lowest-priced most technically acceptable offer.

  1. Right to Vary Requirements at Time of Award

UNFPA reserves the right at the time of award of contract to increase or decrease by up to 20% the volume of services specified in this RFQ without any change in unit prices or other terms and conditions.

  1. Payment Terms

UNFPA payment terms are monthly upon receipt of invoice and attendance sheet of staff.

  1. Fraud and Corruption

UNFPA is committed to preventing, identifying, and addressing all acts of fraud against UNFPA, as well as against third parties involved in UNFPA activities. UNFPA’s Policy regarding fraud and corruption is available here:  Fraud Policy. Submission of a proposal implies that the Bidder is aware of this policy.

Suppliers, their subsidiaries, agents, intermediaries and principals must cooperate with the Office of Audit and Investigation Services of UNFPA as well as with any other oversight entity authorized by the Executive Director of UNFPA and with the UNFPA Ethics Advisor as and when required. Such cooperation shall include, but not be limited to, the following: access to all employees, representatives, agents and assignees of the vendor; as well as production of all documents requested, including financial records. Failure to fully cooperate with investigations will be considered sufficient grounds to allow UNFPA to repudiate and terminate the contract, and to debar and remove the supplier from UNFPA’s list of registered suppliers.

A confidential Anti-Fraud Hotline is available to any Bidder to report suspicious fraudulent activities at UNFPA Investigation Hotline.

  1. Zero Tolerance

UNFPA has adopted a zero-tolerance policy on gifts and hospitality. Suppliers are therefore requested not to send gifts or offer hospitality to UNFPA personnel. Further details on this policy are available here: Zero Tolerance Policy.

  1. RFQ Protest

Bidder(s) perceiving that they have been unjustly or unfairly treated in connection with a solicitation, evaluation, or award of a contract may submit a complaint to the UNFPA Head of the Business Unit [Dr. Kim Dickson, Representative] at [dickson]. Should the supplier be unsatisfied with the reply provided by the UNFPA Head of the Business Unit, the supplier may contact the Chief, Procurement Services Branch at

  1. Disclaimer

Should any of the links in this RFQ document be unavailable or inaccessible for any reason, bidders can contact the Procurement Officer in charge of the procurement to request for them to share a PDF version of such document(s).