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The goal of statistical offices all over the world is to collect, compile and analyse demographic and socio-economic data and ensure that they are made available to users for planning, policy formulation and for research. Statistics Sierra Leone (SSL) conducted the Population and Housing Census (PHC) in December 2015. To complement the statistical tables and reports that were produced from the census, it was necessary to further analyse the data and prepare reports on specific subject areas covered in the census. Therefore, one of the major uses of the 2015 PHC is to serve as the base data to project the future size, age and structure of the population to guide development planning both at the national, regional and local council/administrative levels for the period 2016–2030. The population projection thematic report is, therefore, indispensable, given the fact that Sierra Leone has not been able to keep to the decennial period of conducting censuses since 1963. The report will provide data in various disaggregated forms and it will be an important data source for diverse purposes including planning in areas such as education, health and related physical infrastructure, and the formulation of programmes and policies. The data can also be used to compute populationbased indicators for monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and goals of the Africa Development Agenda 2063.