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UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund, an international development agency, invites qualified organizations to submit proposals for the following requested services. The purpose
of the Invitation for Proposals is to identify eligible non-governmental organizations for prospective partnership with UNFPA Sierra Leone to support achievement of results outlined
in the 2020-2023 Country Programme Document or section 1.3 below.Organizations that wish to participate in this Invitation for Proposals are requested to send their submission through email or mail clearly marked “NGO Invitation for Proposals” at the following address:
By 8 November 2019.

Proposals received after the date and time may not be accepted for consideration. Applications must be submitted in English.-Only electronic applications will be accepted
Any requests for additional information must be addressed in writing by 1 November 2019 [1 week before deadline for submissions] at the latest to UNFPA will post responses to queries or clarification requests by any NGO applicants who submitted, on UNFPA Country office website before the deadline for submission of applications. UNFPA shall notify applying organizations whether it is considered for further action.

See below link for additional information:

Responses to Questions


- Is there a specific template for budget to presented? No

 - Can we use the same as the one submitted in the past years (AWP)? YES

- In which currency should the proposal be submitted?  Leones

- Can we use the savings of the 2019 project by adding budget and activities to the 2020 proposal, as agreed during the last review meeting?   NO

- Are we supposed to present one-year program for 2020 (as planned in 2018), or we can include the following year of implementation till 2023? Multi-year plan


-       Can we apply as a consortium? YES

       -      The length of the programme is 1st Jan 2020 to 1st December 2023 – Yes

-       The available budget ceiling – Please provide budget for the plan you submit

-       UNFPA priority districts of focus - districts with low Family planning, high teenage pregnancy and child marriage

following link: