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Adolescent pregnancy is dangerous, with serious long-term health consequences for the young mother and the baby. But the impacts of adolescent pregnancy are felt far beyond the walls of the family home. It also has a...

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2013 Sierra Leone Demographic and Health Survey Report

The 2013 DHS report was officially launched on 30th September, 2014. UNFPA Sierra Leone supports the Government of Sierra Leone in strengthening the national capacity for the production, utilization and dissemination...

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Population and Development

To support gender sensitive data needs of UNFPA, Government of Sierra Leone and other development partners for use in governance, planning, programme monitoring, evaluation and reporting at all levels.

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Revitalization of Reproductive Maternal, Adolescent and Newborn Health (RMANH) services delivery

The Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS) and UNFPA have designed a mitigation strategy to guarantee the provision of essential maternal health services to women and adolescents girls.

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Family planning is not a privilege, but a right

13% of all maternal death in Sierra Leone result from unsafe abortion. Family Planning saves lives – it reduces the numbers of maternal deaths by 30% and childhood deaths by 10%. Though the Modern Contraceptive...

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