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The National Population Policy is designed to improve the quality of life for the people of Sierra Leone by ensuring that the sustainable management of population growth is in line with the country’s economic growth, poverty reduction and available resources. Improved reproductive health, a rapid decline in fertility and the subsequent shift in population age structure will help the country harness the demographic dividend that is needed to accelerate sustainable socio-economic growth and development.

This National Population Policy document highlights the rationale for a population policy by examining the historical context and available population data. The Policy is anchored in the principles of inclusion and equity. The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development is committed to monitoring the policy on an annual basis and evaluating it every five years. To ensure accountability, clear policy targets and quantifiable indicators are identified in line with the Policy’s four policy objectives.

UNFPA provided technical, coordinating and financial support to the development of the policy and continues to support the Government of Sierra Leone in the implementation of the policy.