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This is the second survey report in a series of three surveys.The first (baseline) survey had been conducted in May / June 2014. This second report pertains to surveys and focus groups performed in 2016, after WHO declared the Ebola outbreak period ended. The aim of the survey was to monitor the effectiveness of demand-generation programmes, and the availability, uptake and quality of care of Family Planning services. 

The 2016 IRMNH assessment (survey 2) was conducted along three major axes:
 A household survey of the effectiveness of demand-side interventions for young people (10-24). 
 A health facility survey to assess Quality of Care (QoC) using an adaptation of the MEASURE Evaluation tools for Quick Investigation of Quality (QIQ) in Family Planning Programmes1 to gather information on indicators of quality care and provision of youth friendly services.
 A qualitative study of barriers to accessing reproductive health services based on 17 focus group discussions with young people aged 10-24 years.
This survey generated follow-up values for programme indicators with the aim to contribute to knowledge and understanding of the Sexual and Reproductive Health needs of young people in Sierra Leone.