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The Story of Kadiatu


Oh Kadiatu, my friend.

She was the brightest at our level and she was as innocent as the heavens. 

But that did not stop Papa Abu at age 57 to ask for her hand in marriage as she turned 11.

Her parents being naive about this rage tolerated this marriage and this destroyed the hopes and dreams of Kadiatu to live like kids in Seattle.

Instead, she is being used as a tool by an old school.

Kadiatu is being used as bait by her mates.

My friend was emotionally tortured by this old culture.

Oh, child marriage it's on the rampage like diseases eating up the fabrics of our girl child image and it is our duty to cage.

Let's diverge, please be obliged to divert from this ancient custom at large.

If not for this ancient custom, Kadiatu could have become president instead of being trapped in an old man's resident like a mosquito in a tent.

She is now vulnerable, but with our aid, she will still be able to become a vibrant woman of society like Dr. Kim Eva Dickson. 

Oh yes, without child marriage our girls can still turn into Dr. Natalia Kanem or Amina Jane Mohammed.

Let's not be hypnotized but rather stay wise for this can only be realized if child marriage is being criticized, and education can be prioritized.

Please, parents, do not relent as it is apparent that a girl child can become great if only we patiently wait.


Biography of Vicky the Poet


Victoria Kanu, better known as Vicky the Poet, was born on May 12, 2008 in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone. She is a student at Becklyn Preparatory School and has just passed the National Primary School Examinations.


Vicky is a young African girl with many talents, ranging from theatre to dance and storytelling. Of all her talents, Vicky has a special gift for poetry writing, especially with the strength of the words she uses to highlight issues of gender-based violence and discrimination against girls.


Vicky the Poet's talent for poetry and speech has catapulted her to the forefront of the entertainment and education industry in Sierra Leone.  She is now a well-known name and a national icon. She has appeared in almost every major forum in Sierra Leone, including for the President on several occasions.