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Twenty journalists form the print and electronic media media were on Thursday, 3 December, 2015, trained on maternal and child health issues and reporting at the Family Kingdom. Aberdeen, Freetown, through the H4+ partnership.

The training, geared towards orienting journalists on the H4+ Initiative, highlighted the maternal and child health situation in Sierra Leone, progress made so far, the task and challenges ahead, and the role of the media in reducing maternal and child health risks.

In Sierra Leone, the H4+ Canada collaboration has been strategic towards strengthening the national health sector and the development of essential policies and strategies, including RHCS strategic plan, comprehensive condom programming, and obstetric fistula and teenage pregnancy strategy through a multi-sectoral approach. 

The H4+ initiative support, aligned to Government’s priorities, including the Free Health Care and other RMNCH programmes, have contributed significantly towards addressing some of the critical needs of the health care system in the country.

H4+ is a global initiative to accelerate support for maternal and newborn health and it aims to significantly reduce maternal and newborn mortality in countries with the highest incidences of maternal and newborn illness and death.

The H4+ initiative is being implemented in Sierra Leone by UNFPA, UNICEF, WHO. UNAIDS, UNWomen and World Bank.